Kyle Alexander fundraising


At South London Special League we are doing our best to help Kyle fundraise.

Here is a link to his fundraising website:

Let’s get some enthusiasm up to help him raise money to buy his new Strikeforce Powerchair costing £7,000 (it’s like the Ferrari of PowerChairs that all the champions use). He has collected £4,000 already but we need your help to raise more!

Powerchair World Cup


I have mentioned before that one of our Players Kyle Alexander has been selected as part of the England Squad to play in the Powerchair Football World Cup in Florida July 2017.

This is fantastic. He now plays for a Premiership national club, Sevenoaks, but still trains on Thursdays at GPFC. This is where all his friends are, who he grew up with. To him GPFC is his life. Kyle is a totally committed young player who came to Greenwich Powerchair FC in 2008. This means that he must have started playing when he was 6 years old.

He is now 15 and attends Trinity school in Lewisham. This summer he will be doing his GCSEs.

I think we should follow his adventure to Florida. One of the most important things for Kyle and is family is to save up for a new Powerchair suitable for the World championships. These cost over £7000. Kyle has already raised about £4000. Still a bit to go. Then there is the travel for him and his family. It needs a very committed person with totally committed parents.

At South London Special League we are doing our best to help him fundraise, not forgetting that in 2014 Powerchair Football will be a Paralympic Sport! He will be 23 years old. How exciting to have a Paralympian that started his career with us!

GPFC League Tournament

Sunday 28th February at Medway Leisure Centre, Gillingham, Kent

Players: Kieran Gibbons, Archie Collins, Emily Campbell, Kyle Alexander. Shea French-Gibbons Asa Hemes.

On Sunday 28th February Greenwich PowerChair FC travelled to the Medway Leisure Centre in Gillingham Kent to play their league fixtures. In the morning we played against Sevenoaks. This match was end to end and very close, Greenwich made some excellent chances and had some great shoots at goal. They were very unlucky not to score. In the Second half we created some good angles to pass the ball into space and had good movement around the ball, but unfortunately Greenwich gave away a 2 on 1 near the box and conceded a goal. This game ended at 1-0 Sevenoaks.

In the afternoon the fixture did not take place as Aspire did not turn up. This means that we gained 3 points for a walkover.

This was Asa’s first league tournament. He had a chance to play in goal! Well done Asa! you did well!