Coldharbour Leisure Centre

Over the past 6 years we have thoroughly enjoyed a partnership at the Waterfront Leisure Centre where GLL (BETTER) has provided us with the use of their facilities at a really beneficial price, enabling us to offer many opportunities to disabled people young and old to take part in Powerchair Football, Archery, Short Tennis and Table-Cricket. We have  also delivered a highly successful Specialist Sports Camp during some of the school holidays. At the Waterfront Leisure Centre the staff have gone out of their way to assist us in promoting the health and well-being of disabled players.

Now, to consolidate this excellent partnership, after an absence of a few years we have returned to Coldharbour Leisure Centre to deliver our exceptional football league that enables disabled youngsters to play regular, competitive league football as  a small-sided game. How fantastic that we can use these wonderful new pitches. Moreover, we have been welcomed to use the facilities to socialise and relax after our league tournaments. Realising the value of our project and how it can be enhanced by accessing Coldharbour Leisure Centre, it has been made as attractive as possible in what are difficult times when everybody needs to survive. Your generosity is outstanding!

This has a special meaning for us as we delivered our first league tournament here nearly ten years ago, just after launching the project. It is highly significant as in 2014 we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary since our birth!

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