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Race Night

Hi All,

Just to let you know more about our RACE night at the Badgers Sports Club on Friday 24th November. We thought this would be a brilliant way of socialising with every member of the club and its families plus this would also support our fund raising for a new power chair!
Just to let you know that it is FREE to attend and bets are no more than a pound!!!
Before I tell you about all the details please let me explain how the race night works. We have eight races and eight runners in each race. We are looking for a sponsor for each of the eight races which will cost £20. That person would then be responsible of selling the 8 horses in that particular race at a cost of £3.00 a horse. The people who buy a horse for £3.00 gets to choose the horse’s name.
E.G. – I am going to pay £20 to sponsor a Race and then I am going to get members of my family to pay £3.00 each for one of those 8 horses and then they would name their horse. This would then become Race 1. The owner of the horse will receive a prize if there horse wins the race.  (Bottle of wine, Chocolates etc.)
The winning horse of each 8 races automatically goes into an Auction race at the end where each horse is sold to the highest bidder on the night, with a large prize given to the winning owner of this race.
So we are looking for 7 sponsors (I am buying one so that leaves 7) and hope that one of you would pay £20 for one of the races and then get 8 people who would then buy a horse for £3.00


It will only cost you £1.00 to make a bet.


Badgers Sports Club
Middle Park Avenue, Eltham, SE9 5HT
(Just by the big McDonalds on the Roundabout)


Car parking , wheel chair access and licensed bar avaialble


Doors Open at 6.45 and the first race commences at 7.30. Get there early!!!!!!!!

Friends and Family

You can bring along as many people as you want. Bring your parents, carers, cousins, aunts, uncles, Nan and grandads, next door neighbours or your closest friends.
If you have any donations for prizes bring them along over the next couple of weeks please.

Thank you
Josie and Rhea